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The Lords of Karma, also called the Wonderful Karmic Board are 8 ascended masters who are assigned to assist settle humanity's karma in the most efficient and compassionate means. These 8 beings are mediators between the perfection of the regulation and also the flaw of the human problem.
The Lords of Karma adjudicate the cycles of specific karma, team karma, national karma and also world karma. They daily evaluate the equilibrium of mankind's use of energy as it affects the spiritual environment of the earth within the solar system and also the galaxy. These great beings consistently use the legislation in such a way that will provide people the very best opportunity for spiritual development. When spirals of adverse karma could no more be kept back as well as should be released right into the planet as a balancing activity, the ascended master Cuzco and his team of scientists do all they could to mitigate the extent of catastrophe. If mankind will certainly invoke the violet fire in enough procedure, that karma as well as its destructive effect could be transmuted in big action before it hits the bodily aircraft, alleviating the potential devastation.
The Karmic Board is made up of the Great Divine Director, that brings his momentum of divine instructions to the team, as well as which holds within his causal physical body the magnificent strategy of every heart appointed to earth. We also locate the Goddess of Liberty, champ of the oppressed; Nada, the wonderful Caretaker of the Fire of Life; Pallas Athena, Goddess of Reality; Portia, Goddess of Justice; Kuan Yin, Goddess of Grace and the Elohim Cyclopea, that concentrates the action of the all-seeing eye of God. Over the last few years, Vairochana, speaker for the 5 Dhyani buddhas likewise joined the Karmic Board, lending the great momentum of light of these 5 holy buddhas, together with their antidotes to the five toxins.
The Karmic Board priests to each spirit, in teamwork with the spirit's own Mighty I AM Existence and also Divine Christ Self, establishing when, where and also in what family a soul will symbolize. All souls pass before the karmic board before and also after each manifestation on planet. Prior to coming right into personification once again, they are given the life goal that will be theirs to complete, together with an introduction of the karmic part from previous lifetimes that they will certainly need to stabilize in the new life. After the modification called fatality, spirits pass prior to the karmic board once more for a life review, which was so well described by near-death survivor Dannion Brinkley in his book, Saved By the Light and also in the interview estimated listed below:
When you go down that tunnel to a bright as well as attractive light, you're satisfied by a Spirit Being. After the passage, you raise from your physical body and realize that you are a power being. All of us assume we're such poor, pitiful, little humans attempting...Read More


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